A calendar invitation is a setting that can be enabled/disabled in the settings of your ticketing/RSVP block. Follow the next steps to edit the calendar invitation your guests will see after they have responded to your event:

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Form Builder in your event's left navigation menu. From there, go to the settings of your ticketing/RSVP block.

Click on the ticket tier/RSVP option which you want to have this setting enabled. Scroll down and locate 'Include Calendar Invitation' just under the email requirement setting. Toggle it on.

Step 2: Update the calendar invitation with the details of your event

Once you have toggled it on, you will see a lot of options available for you to populate with information related to your event. The first thing you'll see is this:

If you set the event date/time to 'TBD' while creating your event, the option to 'Set As Primary Event Date/Time' will be greyed out for you and you will need to change those settings under Setup > Event Settings > Event Details to be able to use the first option.

However, you can opt to use 'Other Date/Time' and then fill the next fields with the necessary information:

Start Date is the date (and time) when your event or session starts.

End Date field should state when your event or session is done. This field is optional and if you decide to leave it blank that will mean your event will last for the whole day.

Timezone is the next field for you to fill out. This is the timezone of your event.

Under Location enter the address where your event will take place.

Entering Description is also optional but you can use this space to add details about your calendar invitation.

Event Organizer - enter your name here or the name of the person/company that is stated as the official event organizer.

Organizer's Email Address - This field should contain your private/work email address or the email address of the person that is stated as the official event organizer.

Step 3: Save (& Republish)

The changes will take place after you click on Save. If your event was published, don't forget to re-publish it for the changes to go live.

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