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How to have guests select X out of Y selections?
How to have guests select X out of Y selections?
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It's quite common for event hosts to set up an event with multiple sessions and then require their guests to sign up for a number of them. With RSVPify, that's certainly possible! Here's how:

Step 1: Add event details to your Event Website

This is where you'll include a detailed description of your sessions. Don't forget to let your guests know you want them to sign up for a certain number of elective sessions your event has.

Step 2: Navigate to Form Builder via Customize > Form Builder

Under the Welcome Message block, you can, once again, let your invitees know they must select a certain number of sessions in order for their registration to be complete.

Step 3: Update the Ticketing block with the settings of your event

When adding the sessions to your ticketing block, under the 'Maximum Selectable' option, set the maximum to 1.

Do this for every session you have included in your ticketing block.

Step 4: Toggle on the 'Limit Max Attendees Per Group'

You will be able to set the number of sessions you want your guests to select under the 'Limit Max Attendees Per Group' option.

Step 4: Save

Saving these changes you made to your ticketing block will ensure that your guests are able to select only a certain number of sessions from a total number of them. Of course, before publishing, don't forget to preview your event to make sure your wishes match the settings of your event. To preview your event click on the 'View Event' button in the top left corner of your screen.

This is what your form should look like if you have followed these steps:

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