Combining the power of RSVPify and social media is a great way to promote your event and build excitement for it. And you can even customize what content is displayed when the event link is shared! Spread the buzz about the upcoming event following these simple steps:

1. Navigate to Setup > Event Settings > Social Network Sharing

In your left navigation menu locate Setup and from there go to Event Settings. Click on Social Network Sharing

2. Make your desired updates

The default settings will be:

  • Title: {{event_name}} - RSVPify

  • Description: {{event_date}} - {{event_location}}

  • Image: Cover Block image

Some Tips:

Changes will display in the preview. If you plan to duplicate this event in the future, use variables to auto-populate the new details:




- For the best display on high-resolution devices, upload an image at least 1200 px by 630 px

3. Save

Changes to the settings will be saved once you have saved the page.

Still seeing the old image thumbnail when sharing?

Most social networks temporarily store ("cache") the image set when your event is shared the first time on a given network. Social networks will typically start to use the newly-applied image within 2 - 24 hours for new shares.

Changes are not retroactive and will apply to new shares only.

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