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Prevent invitee name editing setting
Prevent invitee name editing setting

Invite List Security Settings

Updated over a week ago

One way of securing your event and avoiding confusion is not allowing the invitees to edit their pre-set names. This setting can be found under Invite List > Settings and while it has its pros, it also has some (minor) cons.

If this option is disabled, the guests won't be able to change their pre-set names. Pre-set names are ones that are listed in your Invite List. This enhances the security of your event as the names can't be edited and possible confusion is avoided. However, invitees won't be able to correct possible errors in their personal details. This can be fixed by invitees contacting the event host and having them manually correct the errors.

If this option is enabled, guests, while RSVPing, can change the names you have listed in the Invite List. You can still see their 'as-invited' names in their RSVP details in the dashboard so you can keep track of the changes. These names are also included in the exports so you can always be on top of your event organization.

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