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Terms & Conditions Custom Questions Waiver Type

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We understand that event hosts sometimes want their invitees to agree to certain terms and conditions before they submit their registration. The terms and conditions block is a great way to manage this.

Adding a Terms and Conditions Question Type to Your Event Registration Form

Adding a 'Terms and Conditions' question type to your event registration form is the simplest way to ensure that each participant who registers for your event agrees to the terms and conditions for the event. You can customize the text that appears in the question and make it mandatory or optional for the invitee to answer the question.

The use of this custom question type is very simple: add it to your form as it is any other custom question and populate the fields with the question, description - which is optional, legalese text and confirmation text. Select the way you want your invitees to answer the question - as a group, individually, or only if no one in the group indicates they are attending. Unlike other custom question types, you can't toggle off the answer requirement for this one. Your invitees won't be able to pass this question when completing the registration form without entering an answer/consenting to the terms of your event.

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