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How to collect gifts for a personal event?
How to collect gifts for a personal event?

Allow invitees to easily give a monetary gift while RSVPing

Updated over a week ago

RSVPify's Gift Registry feature makes it easy to offer invitees the option to give a monetary gift while they submit their RSVP. While the Gift Registry feature is reserved for the Event Wall, you can collect gifts from your Event Form as well. This article is going to walk you through both. Let's go!

Step 1: Go to the Form Builder page
In your event's left navigation menu, go to the Form Builder section.  Locate the 'Cash Donation or Gift' box, drag it and drop it to include it in your form.

Step 2: Configure the settings
After placing the box, Settings Menu will appear on the left side of your screen. Here's an overview of options in the Settings Menu: 

  • Question - Ask your invitees to include a donation/gift

  • Description - While it's optional, it's a good idea to describe for what cause are your invitees donating/giving a gift

  • Add Selection - Ask the invitees to donate an amount of their choice, but give them an option not to include the donation if they don't want to. You can include other options as well. 

  • Require Minimum Donation -  Set a minimum donation requirement from your attendees and include a message to notify your guests of the requirement.

  • Ask Question - Do you want to ask this question only once per group or to all invitees individually? Select your preference.

  • Ask If - Who is your targeted audience for this question? Do you want to collect donations from those attending, or those who can't make it? You can even set the question to be asked always, no matter the response.

  • Required - Toggle this option on if you wish to require guest(s) to submit a reply to this question. 

This is what the donation block looks like to your guests when they want to RSVP for your event.

Step 3: Save your changes

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