Step 1: Locate Payments & Coupons under your Event Settings
In your event's left navigation menu, locate Setup and then select Event Settings. From there, select Payments & Coupons.

Step 2: Sales Tax button
Below the currency settings, toggle the Sales Tax button on. This feature allows you to add an additional fee to orders.

Step 3: Set the desired fee
You're given the option of choosing between fixed or percentage-based fees as well as setting the desired amount of the fee.

Note: Sales tax only applies to items that are sold. This tax does not apply to any donations made through the donations block.

Step 4: Label the fee
Decide on the label of your fee on the customer's receipt.

Step 5: Enable Fee Pass-Through

Toggling on this button allows you to pass along any credit card processing and service fees to your customers. This fee will be charged in addition to any tax or service fees you may have added.

Please note that in some global territories, directly passing through credit card and service fees to your customer may be restricted or prohibited by law. Consult a legal professional in your territory.

Credit card processing fees may vary. Transactions made with credit cards issued in a foreign currency may incur additional fees not passed to the purchaser. Rates are subject to the terms of your payment processing partner.

Step 6: Label the fee

Decide on the label of your fee on the customer's receipt.

Step 5: Save
Don't forget to save the changes you made. Feel free to run through the registration process to make sure everything works the way you want it to. 

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