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How do I edit my event confirmation emails?
How do I edit my event confirmation emails?

A guide to editing event's confirmation email

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Confirmation emails are very important messages you send after an attendee has responded to your event. Here's how to edit your event's confirmation email: 

Step 1: Locate Email Confirmations & Reminders under your Event Settings
In your event's left navigation menu, locate and then select Event Settings. From there, select Email Confirmations & Reminders.

Email Confirmations and Reminders section of RSVPify

Step 2: Make necessary changes to your Confirmation Email

  • At the top of the page, you can choose if you want to receive a copy of an email when the guests complete their RSVP or registration. 

  • You're given the choice of enabling email confirmations to include guest responses to all form fields (e.g. meal preferences, custom questions, etc.).

  • If enabled, your guests will receive their confirmation code along with their confirmation email.

  • You can enable QR codes for check-in to be sent with confirmation emails as well.

Step 3: Auto Reminders
This feature will be available to you if you have set the date and time of your event or have at least one calendar invitation enabled. If enabled, all your attending guests will receive up to 2 email reminders before the actual event, and you can set how long before your event do the guests receive the reminder(s) - from 7 days in advance to just 1 hour prior to the event.

By default, reminder emails will include the content of your confirmation email. However, if you wish to change the content of the reminders, you can do so under the 'Reminder Email' section on the confirmation email page.

Step 4: Email's sender name (From Name)
The email's sender name is the name the guests will see in their email client.

Step 4: Write the Reply-To Email Address
Guests are able to reply to the confirmation email and their direct replies are sent to this address.

Step 5: Adding Logo
You can make a choice between using the Existing Logo (the one you added via Setup > Form Builder) or adding a new one that's only going to be used for email confirmations.

Step 6: Email Introduction and Conclusion

Based on the responses of your guests, you can customize the Attending, Not Attending, and Canceled confirmation emails.

If your guests respond as attending, this is a great place to provide them with accommodation details, links to necessary external websites, or any other relevant details. It's also a great opportunity to remind them to book their hotels. It may make them eager to attend your event. 

Your guests will receive a Not Attending confirmation email if they can't make it to your event. If there is any additional information that you'd want the not-attending guests to know, you can include it here.

Canceled confirmation email - on some occasions, guests first confirm their attendance but then change their decision and say they can not attend the event. In this case, you can send them the canceled confirmation email.

For each of these emails, you can customize default email subject lines in Setup > Event Settings > Languages & Translations.

Additionally, if you have auto-reminders enabled, you will be able to customize their content in this section of the Confirmation Emails page.

Step 7: Save
Save the changes you made to your Confirmation Email. You may run through your registration to test everything and receive the email at the end of the process. 

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