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Accepting deposits and partial payments for ticketed events
Accepting deposits and partial payments for ticketed events

Can I allow payment plans for my event's fee?

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Particularly for high-price events, hosts may want to offer the option for guests to make payment installments versus paying up front for the event. There are really 2 ways that RSVPify hosts can consider managing this:

1. Charge Payment Installment(s) via Stripe

We're partnered with a global payment processor called Stripe. 

After guests register and pay the deposit value, you can come back into the Stripe dashboard later to manage the payment installments for your guests. Again, there are a few ways to handle this! 

(BONUS: Additional payments or installments charged through Stripe beyond the are NOT assessed any RSVPify fees. The other guys often charge their fees on ALL installments.)

Send an invoice

You can send a follow-up invoice if you want registrants to self-pay a certain balance.

To create and send an invoice through Stripe:

  1. Log into your Stripe Dashboard

  2. Search for the customer to whom you want to send the invoice.

  3. Create an invoice for that customer. You can add additional details such as tax ID to customize the invoice based on legal requirements or your personal details before sending it to your users.

  4. Once the invoice is sent, you can monitor the state of the invoice on the Invoices page of your Dashboard.

  5. When the customer has paid the invoice, the payment will be automatically reconciled and the invoice will be marked as paid.

Create a "subscription" 

Once these guests register for your event in RSVPify, you will then be able to apply an installment plan to them directly within Stripe. This is a pretty quick and easy process

To create a subscription through Stripe: 

  1. Create a product in the Stripe Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Products page (under the billing section)

  • Click + New to create a product.

  • Enter a Product name.

  • Click the Create product button.

Tip: Set the 'trial period' to the number of days you would like guests to be billed after you add their subscription, if relevant.

2. Add the subscription to your guest

  • Locate the guest by email in Stripe 

  • Click Create a subscription

  • Click Add Product and select your 'subscription'

3. Set the subscription to cancel (optional)

  • Locate the cancel option on the guest's subscription

  • Select the date that the customer should stop being automatically billed for the payment installments.

A benefit to these setup options is the cost savings! Using this setup, payments processed via Stripe directly will only be subject to Stripe's processing fee and will not be charged a service fee. 

2. Guests Make Payments via RSVPify

While it's not possible to go back and 'edit' registrations that have already been paid for, you can create multiple registration options.

So, you could provide 3 options:

  • Pay Full Cost Now

  • Pay a Partial Deposit Now

  • Pay the Rest Now (I've already made a deposit)

Alternatively, you could set up a separate event to collect a second payment installment, and simply link to it.

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