With RSVPify's gifts & donations feature, it is easy to offer invitees the option to give a monetary gift while they submit their RSVP. Here are the quick steps to get things setup:

Go to Setup > Collect Donations & Gifts
Navigate to the gifts and donations page to get started!

Connect To Stripe
RSVPify is integrated with Stripe to allow your guests to quickly and seamlessly make gifts and donations with any major credit card. Here is a guide to help guide you through Stripe's setup process for your personal event. 

Configure Your Settings
A combination of options give you the flexibility to accept gifts as you'd like. Here's an overview of what these settings mean: 

  • Require a minimum donation? Set a minimum donation requirement from your attendees
  • Display only if all guests decline. Guests who accept the event will not be asked to make a donation or gift
  • Pass all fees to guests. Automatically pass on all fees to the guests. This will show as a line item as they checkout. 
  • Currency. Collect gifts in the currency of your choice.
  • Label: This is how the gift will display on the receipt. 
  • Donation Text: The text that will display above the field where guests can input the amount that they would like to gift. 

Test Out Your RSVP
Go through the RSVP process as a guest to ensure everything is setup as you're envisioning. You can event submit a test payment to see the full process. 

When everything is ready to go, you can toggle your event into live mode to accept real payments. 

NOTE: Any events with the option to make a payment will not allow attendees to make edits to their RSVP submissions. 

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