Max Acceptances
Max acceptances is our (super awesome) feature that allows hosts to limit their event to a maximum number of guests. Once this limit is reached, the event will close and no longer accept new RSVPs. 

Note: The max acceptances feature cuts off any NEW RSVPs from being submitted once the limit is reached. If any RSVPs are in process, or the party RSVPing causes the the event to go over the limit, these will be counted. This may cause your 'accepted' count to go slightly higher than the limit set.

Primary Event Max Acceptances
As a RSVPify monthly subscriber or a host selling tickets, you will have access to the max acceptances feature. Ready to set it up? Here's how. 

  1. Go to Setup > Advanced Settings > Max Acceptances
  2. Toggle this feature 'on'
  3. Set the max number of acceptances for your event
  4. Edit the message you'd like guests to see
  5. Click 'Save'!

Secondary Event Max Acceptances
Hosts of secondary events will also have the ability set a max acceptance limit. Unlike setting a maximum acceptance to your primary event, once the secondary event limit is reached the event will not be completely closed. Hosts will have the option to either hide the secondary event all together, or show a custom message instead. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Secondary Events
  2. If you haven't created your secondary event, you will click '+Add Secondary Event'. Already created? Click 'Edit Event Details' Instead.
  3. Click 'Max Acceptances' at the bottom of the event details box
  4. Check 'Limit this event to a maximum number of guests'
  5. Add your event limit
  6. Select how you would like to proceed when the limit is reached
  7. Click 'Save'

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