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What's a 'cookie,' and why does RSVPify use cookies?
What's a 'cookie,' and why does RSVPify use cookies?

RSVPify uses digital cookies to improve the RSVPify experience for you and your guests, NOT to "track" guests or otherwise market to them.

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What's a (digital) 'cookie'?

A cookie is a tasty treat enjoyed at any time of day. A digital cookie is a tiny text file created by a website and stored temporarily on a web browser's computer. These small text files are used by most modern websites to help improve the user's experience in any number of ways such as remembering preferences, recalling past searches for easy access, and seamlessly passing through information across pages or steps.

Does RSVPify use cookies?

Yes. While the vast majority of our logged-in and guest experience does not rely on the use of cookies, RSVPify uses these small text files to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience for our users and their guests. Here are some examples of how we employ cookies:

  • Pre-populate fields in the RSVP form to save guests from excessive typing

  • Allow guests to pick up where they left off if they leave their computer before completing your RSVP

  • Recall the last event accessed by you for purposes like easy guest check-in

  • Pass variables (such as number of guests) between RSVP form steps

Does RSVPify use cookies to 'track' me or my guests? For marketing?

No. We pride ourselves on privacy, and it's a cornerstone of our brand. While some of our competitor's business models are centered on profiting from your data and that of your guests, RSVPify is different.

Our SaaS-based premium user model and partnerships let us drive revenue without monetizing this data.

In short, we don't use cookies for marketing, tracking you or your guests, or anything beyond delivering a world-class RSVP and event management experience.

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