It's free to setup your event and use all of RSVPify's premium features! RSVPify charges a low per-ticket-sold fee, in addition to standard credit card processing fees.

For ticketed events, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Platinum plan for your ticketed event(s) completely free, with an unlimited guest list size.

  • $0 setup fee
  • Free upgrade RSVPify Platinum Features for any size event
  • Low per-ticket pricing
  • Optionally, pass service costs along to your guests
  • Competitive credit card processing fees

In short, we only make money if your event is a success.

What is the fee breakdown?

Free Platinum Upgrade

Any ticketed event or events collecting payments receive a free upgrade to RSVPify Platinum, inclusive of all of our premium features (valued at $189/month). 

What are RSVPify Service Fees?

RSVPify charges a industry-leading low 1.95% + $.90 USD per ticket or person.

These fees help power our platform and offer you top-notch customer support.

Are there credit card processing fees?

Any time you accept credit payments through any payment processor (online or off), credit card fees will apply. These fees are charged by the payment processor and credit card companies and issuers. These fees are unfortunately unavoidable in the world of online payments.

RSVPify is partnered with one of the world's largest payment processors called Stripe. Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 USD/transaction. Rates may vary by country.

Can I pass service and credit card fees along to my attendees?

You can choose to pass part of these fees or all fees along to your guests, or choose to set ticket prices at a cost that would effectively include or help subsidize these fees.

When do I receive my funds?

With RSVPify + Stripe, transfers of received funds 🏦are automatically sent directly to your bank account (every business day in most cases).

Most online ticketing providers withhold your funds until after your event.

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