How Do I Create a Stripe Account?
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Are you using Stripe for a personal event?
these guidelines instead.

Creating an account on Stripe is very easy and streamlined. You can see the overview of the quick steps of signing up for a Stripe account below:

  1. Proceed to and click on 'start now' button and verify your email (check your inbox). 

Create a Stripe account

2. Click on Account application and fill out the fields. Please read below for our recommendations on what to enter here (note: you can always contact us if you have any questions when filling these out).

Where Are you Based?

  • Location (country): this is where your bank account is located

Your 'Product': 

  • Tell us about your "business": You'll note that the language here is oriented towards e-commerce platforms since that is Stripe's bread and butter. 

Just provide a brief description of your event and what you are collecting payments for. If the event and/or payments are associated with an organization, be sure to mention that. Here are a few examples for a few types of events:

  • Gala: I'm collecting registration fees for our non-profit's annual gala. We sell tickets to individuals who support the mission of our organization. The price of their ticket (payment) includes the cost of their admission and varies by their entree choice. We collect payment when they register for the event. 

  • Fundraiser: We're selling raffle tickets for our school's annual fundraiser (the Westtown School). The majority of tickets will be sold to parents of current students but teachers, faculty, and alumni will likely make some purchases. 

  • Private Party: I'm asking my guests to pre-pay when they RSVP to a surprise party that I'm throwing for my wife so that I can pay the upfront deposit required by the venue. 

  • Reunion: I'm collecting payments for Bates College's 20th reunion. We're having several activities over the course of the weekend (e.g. golf outing) that I need to pay for ahead of time. Event registrants (and those making payments) are members of Bates College's class of 1998.

  • Donation: We're collecting donations for our non-profit organization. The name of our organization is the Salvation Army. We offer supporters of our organization to achieve certain status / or tiers by making pre-defined / suggested amounts and we also allow them to donate a custom amount as well.

'Company' Website

Account Details: 

  • Your Business Type (Note: if you're collecting payments for a private party, select 'Individual / Sole Proprietorship')

  • EIN / Tax ID: Note: this field is optional if you're an 'Individual / Sole Proprietor' so you can leave this blank if you wish and Stripe will contact you directly if this info is required.

  • Business Address: enter the address associated with the account holder's bank account (this will be your home address if you're selling tickets for a private party and transferring funds to your personal account)

Identity Verification: Stripe uses this section to verify the identity of the individual signing up for the account (whether it be an individual, authorized representative of your organization, etc.)

  • Verify your identity: using an API is optional here

  • Legal Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Credit card statement details

  • Business Name: Enter something that your registrants will recognize on their credit card/bank statement. You could simply put the name of your event and/or organization name (if applicable).

  • Phone Number: enter the phone number associated with your or your organization's bank account

Bank Details: must be a checking account

  • Routing number, Account number, (& confirm account number)

Phone Verification: Verifying by phone prevents you from being locked out of your account. We strongly recommend setting this up so that you don't get locked out of your account! 

Click Activate your account!

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