It's OK. You're not alone. This very same question has sparked heated debate among RSVPify users worldwide. There's several schools of thought and contentions out there, from official to pure fan fiction.

  • Our official party line is that our founders wanted to simplify the process of collecting RSVPs for complex events.

  • In Germany, the general consensus seems to be that the 'ify' is a modern day amalgamation of the phrase 'I have to remember to RSVP-if-I-am-going-to-go'. 

  • In Asia Pac, we've heard that there are those convinced that it's a nod to how easy we make it to manage RSVPs for complex events. That is, use RSVPify ifyou want to actually receive accurate RSVPs for your event (see what they did there?).

Any theories of your own..!? Let us know so we can add them here and further fuel this raging debate.

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