There are several places where we our event host's include these types of details:

RSVPify's Welcome Text:

Many guests opt to include details about their event in the Welcome Text which is displayed on the first screen your guests see when they enter your event's URL in their browser. Hosts commonly include date / time details as well as the address of their event's location. Corporate users often like to include any relevant details about their event'(s) itinerary in this section as well so that guests can always reference is even after having RSVPd. 

Here are the Steps: Setup > Form Design > Welcome Text

Confirmation Page:

The confirmation page is the last page your guests will see which will include a summary of their response details for all the guests in their Party. This page is fully customizable and is a great place to include a bunch of relevant details, especially hotel room / block details (and links!) as well as links to your registry. You can include these external links in text form but many of our users like to add them as Buttons! 

You can customize this page via Setup > Confirmation Page 

Confirmation Emails:

Another great place to add relevant details about your event (and reminders / links to the all important registry and hotel block details) is in the confirmation emails your guests receive after submitting their RSVP. These can be customized via Setup > Emails & Communications and can be unique / distinct for accepts vs. declines. Note that customizing these emails is reserved for premium users. Here are the steps:   

Setup > Emails & Notifications: 

Followup / Reminder Emails:

Another great feature for upgraded users is the ability to send followup / reminder emails so that you get send your guests information as the event approaches. This is a great way to keep guests updated were there to be any changes to the itinerary, parking, and even to provide directions. You can send these reminder / followup emails in real time or you can even schedule them to be sent at a future date & time! Even more, you can specify which cohort of guests receive each email. For example, you can schedule an email with details about your rehearsal to only the guests who were excited / accepted that specific Secondary Event!

You can access this feature via Tools > Reminder Emails

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