While not currently a built-in option with RSVPify, it is possible to ask parties of guests to indicate only one primary name without requiring all guests to fill in their full names. Here's how!

Step 1

In Setup > General Options, set the Maximum Guests in a Single Party to a value of 1.

Step 2

Create a custom question asking how many guests will be in attendance. To do so, go to Setup > Custom Questions. Add a multiple choice question:

Question: "How many total guests in your party will be attending?"

Answer Selections: 1 Attending, 2 Attending, 3 Attending, etc.

Step 3

To avoid any guest confusion, we recommend updating and/or completely deleting several indicators in your RSVP form. To make these customizations, go to Setup > Advanced Settings > Language.

Text Update 1

Please enter the names and RSVP of all guest(s) in your party.

Recommendation: Please enter the name of the primary guest in your party.

Text Update 2

You have indicated that :attending of :count members of your party will be able to attend.

Recommendation: Delete this text entirely.

Text Update 3

:stats members of your party are going.
Recommendation: Delete this text entirely.

Your RSVP form will look like...


RSVPify will only automatically calculate the number of acceptances of primary guests. To calculate the total number of guests who have accepted your invitation, go to your RSVPs tab and select Custom Questions.

Download your replies to a spreadsheet, and use your spreadsheet software to add up your total or perform some simple multiplication with our built in answer totals feature.

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