Some guests may mistakenly perform a Google search for an RSVPify event's URL rather than entering that URL directly into their browser's address bar.

For this reason, some events hosts have inquired about how to add their RSVPify URL to Google's index. In other words, they'd like to be able to find their RSVPify page by way of a Google search.

Google's automated bots 'crawl' the internet and automatically determine what pages or websites to add to their search index -- and how to 'rank' those pages against other search results. Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee that Google will index your RSVPify page. 

If you'd like Google to add your RSVPify page to their index, you can improve your odds by linking to your RSVP page from another website or blog that already shows in Google's search results. This way, Google will have a better chance of discovering your page.

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