You or your guest(s) are seeing the error message "Sorry we are having trouble locating your invitation. Please try again, ensuring that your name is free of any spaces or special characters. If you continue to have trouble, please contact your host."

Please ensure that all of your guests are listed correctly on your Guest List. Please double-check your guest's names for typos -- including any foreign characters or extra spaces before or after your guest's name.

When your guest goes to RSVP, RSVPify will first search for an exact match to the name your guest has entered. If we don't find an exact match, we'll then return results matching just the guest's last name as entered.

Note that ALL guests you'd like to be able to RSVP must be listed on your guest list if "Allow only listed guests to RSVP" is set to "On."

Didn't intend to setup a Guest List? Please delete all guests from the 'Guest List' tab in your event. Once all guests are deleted, your event will once again allow 'open RSVPs', and anyone will be able to RSVP.

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