This support article applies to RSVPify 1.0 and 2.0.

Put simply, a 'Party ID' allows you to quickly and easily group guests together into a party (group of guests who will be a part of the same RSVP).

Let's say you have a family of 4: John Doe, Jane Doe, Julie Doe, and Jimmy Doe. During the RSVP process, these guests should be asked to RSVP together -- rather than each guest having to RSVP individually, right?

Assigning individuals a Party ID Number lets RSVPify know which individuals should be grouped together.

John Doe: Party # 50
Jane Doe: Party # 50
Julie Doe: Party # 50
Jimmy Doe: Party # 50

In our example, we've assigned all 4 members of the Doe family the same party number (50), ensuring that the system will group these 4 guests together.

Download Spreadsheet Import Template 

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