Easily change your event's RSVP Title from the From Design Section of the Web Application:

We receive a number of requests from users who are (understandably) confused by how they can change their event's Title & details on their RSVP form that their guests will see. While this information uses the Event Title & Date information that you entered when initially creating your event (and is stored in the Setup > General Options section of the application), you actually need to edit the info in the Form Design of the Application. We've included a few images to help you better understand where to find these fields and where any changes will be reflected:

You'll note that these fields are in the Setup > Form Design section of the application and are located in the same place regardless of the layout option you choose (Simple Banner vs. Tri-Module). Here is an example of how the above's event looks like for their guests:

Feel free to contact our support team with any questions / concerns!

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