Add RSVPify Online RSVP Form Into a Paperless Post Invitation

We receive a lot of inquiries from users who want to use one of the sleek online invitation providers but want to ensure their guests still submit their RSVPs via their custom RSVPify urls. We recommend Paperless Post as this provider has some great free & low cost options and enables users to easily include an RSVP button which can be customized to send guests directly to their RSVPify form.

This also serves as a clever workaround for users who want to use RSVPify to manage their guest list but are working with a wedding website provider (e.g. The Knot) that doesn't support embedded code!

Here is how RSVPify users can add a custom RSVP button via Paperless Post:

Note - if you're familiar with creating / customizing invitations in Paperless Post, feel free to skip to Step 3.

Step 1: Choose a Paperless Post Invitation Layout

Step 2: Customize Your Paperless Post Invitation

Step 3: Add the RSVP Button to Your Invitation:

Reply Card > Replay Card Options > Enter Details

Step 4: Embed Your Custom RSVPify URL in Your Paperless Post Invitation

Step 5: Send Invitations that Direct Your Guests to Your RSVPify RSVP Form

Step 6: Paperless Post will Automatically Direct Guests to RSVPify to Record their Responses!

Once you've confirmed that your guests are being directed to your RSVPify url, you should be all set! If you have any questions, please see Paperless Post's support article for additional details:

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