Designing an In-Person Checkin Process Using RSVPify 

One of the most common questions we get from our corporate clients is how to handle the dreaded in-person checkin process on the day of their event. Whether it be a marketing conference, a large company holiday party, corporate summit, etc., the in-person checkin is a pivotal part of the process. This is why we at RSVPify are working on building a seamless custom mobile application to help address this exact issue so that we're able to offer our corporate clients the best end-to-end event planning solution on the market. 

While we're hoping to release this feature / functionality in Q4 of this year, we wanted to show our existing corporate clients an easy / seamless way in which they can use RSVPify's current system and existing feature / functionality to design an efficient checkin system for the day of the big event.

For all Platinum events, we're happy to provide a customized check-in system that can be used simultaneously by multiple staff from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone as a seamless check-in solution.

Alternatively, you can simply use your exported spreadsheet to check guests in.

Step1: Export Your Event's Confirmed Guests from the RSVPify's RSVP Dashboard into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Step 2: Bring a Laptop, Tablet or Phone to Your Event with your List of Confirmed Guests

Step 3: Search for Each Guest's Name at Check-in by using Ctrl + F

While conducting the search / checkin on a laptop is easier and more user-friendly, it's not required. This process can be accomplished on your mobile device. You can see this article on how to search for text on iOS.

Step 4: Mark them as "Checked-In" in Your Excel Spreadsheet.

Note that for larger events in which there are multiple people checking guests in, we recommend uploading your Guest List to Google Docs so that multiple users can make changes to the same document and those changes will be saved / updated in real time.

At RSVPify, we know this is a bit of a clunky workaround for a must-have feature and we're very eager to release a seamless mobile check-in (and ticketing) application later in 2018!

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