Depending on your requirements and preferences, there are really a few ways that you can setup sponsorship package options on RSVPify. I'll briefly walk through these different options below: 

1. Setup > Collect Gifts & Donations 

The first option for collecting sponsorships would be to use the 'collect gifts & donations' feature. This will allow you to include all the details of the sponsorship tiers/packages, but give the purchaser the chance to enter the amount of choice. The option will display on step 3.

2. Primary or Secondary Event Ticket Tiers

Another popular option would be to use the ticket tiers under setup > sell tickets and collect payments. Both options will display once per person in a given party and shown on step 2 of the RSVP process. With ticket tiers, you will be able to see the specific tier they selected, as well as set limits to a given tier if needed, for example, you can set a limit of 1 sale for the 'Presenting Sponsor'.

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