While WeddingWire doesn't allow any 3rd-party code making it impossible to embed RSVPify or any other 3rd-party tools on a WeddingWire wedding website, it is possible to link to your RSVPify form, making for a seamless experience for your guests.

  1. Disable WeddingWire's default RSVP system. In the left navigation, click the RSVP page and then click 'delete page'
  2. On the 'welcome page', click to edit the page option
  3. Name the section
  4. Add and edit your text as desired. You can also add an image! 
  5. Highlight the text that you would like to link and click on the insert/edit link icon
  6. Add your RSVPify URL and adjust settings as desired. Click Save
  7. Preview your page and test your link! 

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