If you are using our integrated guest check-in system, you may want to resend email confirmations with the guest's QR code and confirmation number to make it easily accessible before your event. Or, maybe you decided to use check-in later and didn't include this in the email confirmations up front. Either way, not a problem! Here are the steps to reach out to your accepted guests with their QR codes and/or confirmation numbers. 

What are the confirmation number & QR code?

  • Confirmation QR Code: The visual barcode that can be used to 'scan' guests in upon their arrival.
  • Confirmation Number: A 5-digit confirmation number assigned to each party's RSVP.

Steps To Email Guests

  1. Within your event, navigate to Tools > Send Email Reminders
  2. Click New Email
  3. In the top drop down, select Guests who have accepted
  4. Use the Merge Tags drop down in the WYSIWYG editor to add in the Confirmation QR Code and/or Confirmation Number

Recommendations On What Else to Include In The Email 

  • List of All Party Guests: This merge tag will include ALL the names of the guests in a given party.
  • A logo or image
  • Additional event details (location, parking details, etc)
  • Where to go when the guest arrives 
  • Details on time
  • Specifics on check-in process: Ask guests to come with their email printed or easily accessible on their phone for quick check-in. You may also want to iterate that only listed guests will be allowed entry for private or ticketed events!
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