With RSVPify's embed feature, hosts can embed their RSVP form directly into almost any website. Weebly is one of the websites that our hosts embed their event forms into. Here are the quick and easy steps to embed your form with Weebly. 

1. While in build mode, locate the page and section that you would like to embed your form.

2. Locate the embed code element from the individual elements menu and drag it onto the page.  

3. Locate your embed text (under the INVITE tab of your RSVPify page). Copy and paste this into the embed code element. Click outside the box. It may take a moment, but your form should load on the page. 

4. Adjust the width of your form (if needed) by clicking and dragging the sides

5. With any embedded form, different browsers / settings can cause trouble with the form loading correctly. To avoid guests running into trouble, we always recommend including a link directly to your RSVPify page in addition to the embedded form:

Here is an example:

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