RSVPify and Instagram's features can help you sell out your event. Here's what you need to know. 

Why Should I Use Instagram To Sell Tickets?

Social media is a key way to create excitement and buzz around an upcoming event and in return drive ticket sales. Instagram's strength in the social media realm for event marketing is the ability to visually communicate what guests can expect from your event and start conversations with potential attendees. 

What is RSVPify? 

RSVPify is a one stop shop for everything you need to successfully sell tickets online with competitive ticketing fees. The platform's feature-set includes the ability to add coupon codes, sell tickets at different tiers/prices, and even send your guests QR code tickets to check-in to your event

Getting Started 

How Do I Sell Tickets with RSVPify? 

Create a free ticketed event on RSVPify. Through the event creation process, you'll select a custom URL where your ticket landing page will be hosted. This link can be added to your Instagram bio to easily direct guests to make their purchase. 

Creating Buzz 

Using Instagram To Drive Ticket Sales

Here are some of our favorite ways to generate ticket sales from Instagram:

  • Create an event hashtag to encourage guests to share about the event on their own accounts
  • Host a ticket giveaway requiring guests to tag friends who might be interested in attending the event
  • Share authentic content through posts and Instagram stories
  • Consider reaching your target audience through paid Instagram ads

Ready To Sell Out Your Next Event With RSVPify and Instagram? 

Start by creating your free ticketed event on RSVPify

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