RSVPify and Twitter can work together to drive ticket sales for your upcoming event. Here's what you need to know. 

Why Should I Use Twitter To Sell Tickets?

Social media is a key way to create excitement and buzz around an upcoming event and in return drive ticket sales. Twitter has proven to be a driving force in event engagement so it should be used before, during, and after your event to do just that! 

What is RSVPify? 

Although guests can discover your event on Twitter, they can't actually make their ticket purchase directly through the social media platform. Therefore you'll need a partner to manage your ticket sales. 

With the ability to add coupon codes, sell tickets at different tiers/prices, and even send your guests QR code tickets to check-in to your event, RSVPify is a one stop shop for everything you need to successfully sell tickets online with competitive ticketing fees.

Getting Started 

How Do I Sell Tickets with RSVPify? 

To get started, create a free ticketed event on RSVPify. Through the event creation process, you'll select a custom URL where your ticket landing page will be hosted. You'll use this link to direct guests from Twitter to your custom event page to purchase their tickets.

Creating Buzz 

Using Twitter To Drive Ticket Sales

Here are some of our favorite ways to generate ticket sales from Twitter:

  • Create an event hashtag to encourage conversation
  • Pin a tweet with your event details and ticket link to the top of your page 
  • Host a ticket giveaway requiring guests to retweet the event or share the event hashtag to enter 
  • Tweet consistently about your event highlighting peaks behind the scenes, special performances or guests, and anything else that attendees can look forward to!

Ready To Sell Out Your Next Event With RSVPify and Twitter? 

Start by creating your free ticketed event on RSVPify

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