RSVPify is set up to collect a first and last name for each guest who responds to your RSVP. We understand that some hosts do not need all of the guest names, and simply are looking to just get a head count of attendees. 

You can set up your RSVPify form to collect one 'primary' guest name, and then a simple count of how many guests are in their party. 

Note that this set up uses custom questions to request the total guests in the party. This number will not be reflected in the accept counter on your RSVP dashboard, but it is still simple to see the total attendees you can expect! You'll see how below. 

Not using a guest list? Go to Setup > General Options > Guest Options and set the Maximum Guests in a Single Party to 1. This will tell the system to only request 1 guest name in your RSVP.

Using a guest list? Simply upload your guest list of individuals by following the steps in this article! 

Go to Setup > Custom Questions to ask guests for the total guests in their party. Depending on your planning needs, you could also ask how many adults and how many children are in the party. We recommend setting this up as a dropdown or multiple choice question. 

So how will this look in my dashboard? 

Your RSVP count will display the number of 'primary' guests that have accepted your event. To see the total guests, you will need to navigate to your custom questions dashboard. For a super easy tally, you can export this into excel to see the total number of expected guests! 

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