When testing your RSVP, you will notice that the option for guests to accept or decline your invitation is on step 2 of the process. We have strategically placed it here for a few reasons.

If you're using a guest list, this is likely a non-issue and we recommend testing the flow once you've added a Party to your Guest List. 

The first step of the form is used to search for your guest on the guest list so that we can:

  1. Verify that they were in fact invited and 
  2. Associate their responses to their party. 

If you gave guests (or uninvited guests who may come to your URL) the ability to decline without first collecting their names, then you would not know who declined. This is important for a number of reasons - e.g. so that you're not reminding guests to RSVP who have actually already declined. 

If you're not using a guest list..

Simply put, you want to do know who is declining and how many guests the are declining for. Majority of our event hosts who have an open event choose not to allow guests to decline (as most are there to accept anyway).  

Want to remove the option to decline all together?

Sure thing! Just go to Setup > General Options and toggled ON the "Hide Accept/Decline" option . This will automatically mark guests as attending your event. 

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