RSVPify is the leader in providing best in class security features to protect your event from unwanted guests from seeing event details and RSVPing. Our Unique Party Passcodes feature adds an extra layer of security by enabling hosts to assign unique codes to their invited guests which they'll need to proceed and RSVP. To enable this security feature (FYI - this feature is only available on RSVPify subscription plans), follow the steps below:

  1. Setup > Security > Party Passcode
  2. Edit greeting message your guests will see, if you'd like!
  3. Choose whether to assign each party a numeric passcode, or a unique word.
  4. Once enabled, the passcodes will be automatically added to your guest list. 

You can view all guests' unique passcodes by exporting your guest list OR view an individual's code by clicking to edit/view an individual guest/party.

Sending out email invitations through RSVPify?  Here's how you include your party passcode in your invitation.

Please note - the ability to assign unique party passcodes is a feature limited to RSVPify's Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscribers. 

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