One of the most commonly used premium features at RSVPify is the Custom Questions feature. It enables you to ask for all types of useful information and they can be asked at the Primary or Secondary Event-level. Examples include dietary restrictions, transportation requirements, t-shirt size(s), hotel / lodging information, qualifying info (e.g. phone number, company name, etc.) and even classification details (e.g. in which department do you work? Which network affiliate provided you with your invitation? etc. )

Additionally there are a myriad of question types (multiple choice, free text entry, dropdown vs. radio buttons, choose many, etc.) and include a number of nice options / features. For example, you can choose to make a question required to ensure you collect that data, to only display a question if a guests accepts the event, and to ask the question at the individual level (e.g. "Do you have any allergy restrictions that we should know about?" vs. "Does anyone in your Party have allergy restrictions that we should be aware of? If so, please provide details here:"

Here is a screencast for how to navigate to the Custom Questions section:

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