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Quick Tips

  1. Download our template and use it! Please be sure not to remove any columns.
  2. The Title, +1, and email address are optional, but don't delete them! Just leave them blank if you don't need them. 
  3. List each guest by first and last name on their own line
  4. The Party ID column groups guests into households/parties to RSVP together - this is NOT the number of people in the group. Learn more.

Importing Without Titles? Uncheck this box when you import..

All your guests are individuals? Skip the Party ID column.
Check this box when you import instead:

Detailed Steps

Uploading your guest list is one of if not the biggest time savers when it comes to online event management. Whether you have an existing online database of your guests / contacts or have to manually enter your guests names into the spreadsheet, it's far more efficient than adding each Party to your guest list one by one. 

Step 1: Create / Import your Guest List

We strongly recommend that ALL hosts use our template when creating their guest list. Even if you have an existing spreadsheet, we ask that you simply copy and paste (as values!) your relevant guest details into our spreadsheet template. 

Important: Only include the 6 columns that are in the template - no more, no less. Do not re-order them and do not edit the column headers. If you do NOT need to include some of the information (e.g. Titles), simply leave the cells in column A blank. The Party ID column is how you will group your guests into Parties (you can learn more about the Party ID column here). If you would like to send digital invitations, include 1 email address per party (all other email addresses for the same Party will not be uploaded). Here is what your Guest List should look like if done properly (and you opt to include titles and emails):

  • Party ID: be sure that each Party (individuals that will be RSVPing as one Group) have the same Party ID. If all of your guests are individuals (e.g. for corporate events), you can leave this column blanks or simply give a distinct integer for each guest. If you do not do this properly, your entire guest list will be listed in a single Party (which is no bueno). 
  • Plus 1s: If you would like for your guest(s) to be able to bring a +1, simply type 'Yes' in cell E for those guest(s). Your guests will be prompted during the RSVP process to provide the name of their +1 if s/he indicates that they are bringing a guest.
  • Email addresses: again, email addresses are only necessary if you intend on sending digital invitations (note that you can also collect them from guests during the RSVP process). Only 1 email address can be uploaded for each party so it makes sense to list the Primary guest (e.g. head of household) first as that's who will be receiving the digital invitation (and likely RSVPing on behalf of the Party). 
  • Titles: if you do not intend on including titles for your event, you must still leave the column in there as is. Scroll down for more details. 

Step 2: Upload your Guest List using the Guest List Import Feature:

Be sure to check your list before finishing the import process to ensure that everything imported properly. If there's an issue with one of your cells (e.g. there's a space in one the cells with a guest's emails, it will be highlighted in red. 

Titles: Lastly, if you are NOT intending on using Titles for your event, you need to do the following: 

  • Leave the cells column A "blank" and leave the column in the file:

After selecting your file and clicking "upload", you will need to uncheck this checkbox before clicking "complete import"

  • Might be overkill but just in case... here's what that flow looks like: 

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