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Adding an image to your RSVP form is a great way to personalize your event! 

Customizing your event's RSVP form only takes a few minutes and really adds a nice touch in terms of making it look & feel like its been personalized. One of the thing that can save a lot of time / effort is if add images to the form. Whether it be an event invitation (Paper vendors often provide digital copies of paper invites nowadays), a custom graphic with your event details, or an image from RSVPify's image library, uploading an image to the form can be an easy way to add a lot or personalization to your form (and/or online invitations!). 

There are a few different places where you can add images to your RSVP Form, all of which can be located via Setup > Form Design. 

Welcome Text:

Some hosts like to add an image or even a simple company logo to their event's Welcome Text. This will be displayed within the white box on your RSVP form. 

Form Layouts: RSVPify events have two choices when it comes to form layout: Simple Banner vs. Tri-Module. It's a personal choice and entirely up to the event host. While Simple Banner tends to be the preferred option among those planning Corporate Events, tri-module remains popular for a number of our private party planners. Regardless of which layout you choose, you'll have the ability to add images but where you add them may differ by your event's layout. 

Simple Banner: 

The Simple Banner is becoming increasingly popular and offers event hosts to offer images to one of more places. It appears that more and more hosts are favoring uploading their image to the 'Header' section of the form and using a solid color for the Page Background. That said, hosts can add a background image as well but we recommend it be more subtle if possible and as large as possible so that it doesn't tile up on larger displays. In both instances, ensure you've selected 'Image' and then you can click the plus icon ('+'). 

Header Section:

Page Background: You'll note that the background image has a dropdown which enables you to dictate how the system displays the image if / when its being displayed on too wide a screen for that specifics image's resolution. It's set to Tile by default. 

Tri-Module: There are two sections where hosts can decide between uploading images and/or using solid colors: the top "modules" and the backgrounds. 

Top Modules / Squares:

Background(s): hosts have the ability to customize the top and bottom backgrounds of the form. If uploading an image to one of the background sections, we recommend picking a more subtle image. 

Hopefully this has given you a good overview of the primary areas in which you can add photos to your RSVP form but you can always reach out to our support staff if you have any questions and see this page for design inspiration


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