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Cloning a past event is a great way to save event hosts a lot of time & effort! 

One of the great things about RSVPify is that you're able to clone or duplicate an existing event. Whether it's an annual event or just one that has a lot of the settings that you knows you want for your upcoming event, cloning the event enables you to get your event set up in virtually no time at all! 

Note: the ability to clone an existing event is a premium feature and not available to free users. Free events CAN be cloned, but the event host must first purchase a Single Event credit. If you are RSVPify premium subscriber, you can skip to Step 2. 

Step 1: Purchase an Single Event (or upgrade to a subscription plan) that has the same permissions as the event you're attempting to duplicate

"Permissions" refers to the number of RSVPs and/or Secondary Events. Hosts must choose a plan that the same RSVPs as the size of the guest list of the event they're cloning.


Step 2: Proceed to your events dashboard and clone your event

Optional: you have the option to also copy over the event's guest list. 

Step 3: Return to your dashboard and confirm that your event has been cloned properly. 


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