Your Guest List may not reflect a recent RSVP that you've received (though you can see the RSVP in your RSVPs tab) for several reasons:

  1. Your guest entered their name with a typo when they searched for themselves at the beginning of the RSVP process. Not able to find your guest on the Guest List, RSVPify assumed the guest was not on the list, and allowed the guest to proceed with their RSVP as if they weren't on the Guest List.
  2. There's a typo in the guest's name on your Guest List.
  3. There may be an errant space or hidden character in the guest's name on your Guest List. This is particularly common if you've copied and pasted a name into the system manually.

To avoid this issue, You can enable the option to "Allow Only Listed Guests to RSVP" (found at the top of your Guest List tab) in order to allow only guests you've specifically entered to RSVP. NOTE: If you select this option and there is a typo, your guest will receive a message that they are not on the invite list.

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