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If you're receiving an error when uploading or importing your guest list, there's a couple things that could be causing this:

  • You've formatted your guest list incorrectly and/or didn't include all required columns. Please ensure that your spreadsheet is properly formatted and free of any formatted text. If copying and pasting your spreadsheet's contents, we recommend pasting as plain text to remove any formatting. Please reference our sample spreadsheet to ensure you're following the correct import format. ALL columns in the sample are required, event if you don't plan to enter a given piece of data (e.g. you don't plan to ask guests for their 'Title').
  • You're attempting to upload an unsupported file type. RSVPify supports .xls, .xlsx and .csv spreadsheet files.
  • Your spreadsheet is corrupt or includes formatted text that the system is having trouble processing. To fix this issue, try copying and pasting the content of your spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet -- ensuring that you strip all formatting while pasting (in Excel, paste values only). If you are seeing "null" values after import, formatted text is likely the culprit.
  • Your filename includes a special character such as a colon, apostrophe or comma. Please make sure that your file name is special character-free.
  • You're trying to import too many guests at once. On rare occasion, your guest list may be too much for us to handle at one time. Please consider breaking your spreadsheet in half. New imports will be appended to your existing guest list.

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