Manually RSVP for Your Less Tech-Savvy Guests!

In response to popular demand, we have released a new feature that will enable our users to easily RSVP for their guests! While we know that digital RSVPs are the future, we also know that there are always going to be a handful of guests who prefer to contact the event host directly to RSVP. What's great about this new feature is that it will enable you to include your personal contact information in addition to url on your invitations so that your guests have an alternative if they have difficulty and/or simply prefer to contact you directly to RSVP.

Guest Management Made Even Easier

Another great benefit of this new feature is that it makes it significantly easier for event hosts who want to use RSVPify's powerful Guest Management platform but would prefer to collect paper RSVPs. Instead of having to manually RSVP on behalf of their guests by going through the online RSVP form for each guest, this new tool will enable hosts to quickly enter their guests and RSVP details in a fraction of the time.

Note: RSVPify users will be able to take advantage of this feature regardless of whether or not they have set up a Guest List on the platform. If they have, their Guest(s)' RSVP details will automatically be saved in both their RSVP dashboard and their Guest List.

A Step by Step Guide on How to RSVP on Behalf of your Guest(s):

Step 1: Log into your account, enter your event, and find the "RSVP for Guest(s)" button

Note: the button is located on the righthand side, just above the list of your RSVPs

Step 2: Enter your guest(s) name(s) and RSVP details

Quick Note on 3 Scenarios:

1) Secondary Events: if your event has a Secondary Event(s), you will need to include RSVP details for those secondary events as well. If a guest(s) is not invited to a Secondary Event, simply select "Not invited".

2) Plus One: If your RSVPing for a Party that has additional guests (and you're NOT using the Guest List and/or s/he is not originally included in this Party in the Guest List), you will need to click on the '+' icon and include the name(s) and RSVP details for each individual in that Party.

3) Guest List: If you are using RSVPify's Guest List features, be sure the 'Also add this Guest to the Guest List' option is set to "On". Further, you'll note that when you type in the guest's name the system will auto-populate the field from your Guest List (see below). Click on the guest / party name (dropdown) and proceed by RSVPing on behalf of the guest(s) in that Party.

Step 3: Check that the RSVPs Dashboard and/or Guest List were updated to reflect the change(s)

Feel free to contact our support team with any questions / concerns!

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