My guest(s) don't have internet access or otherwise cannot RSVP through RSVPify's RSVP form. Can I RSVP for them?

Absolutely. You can RSVP for your guest(s) in one of two ways.

  1. We added a new feature to easily enable you to RSVP on behalf of one or more guest(s). Look for the "RSVP for a Guest(s)" button from your RSVPs Dashboard. This support article provides a detailed overview of how this feature works: Submitting an RSVP for One of Your Guests

  2. If you need to collect information beyond names, entree selections and RSVP information, we recommend filling out your own RSVP form as if you were your guest. If you are collecting an email address when guests RSVP, you will need to create a 'dummy' email address for each party. This 'dummy' email address can be completely made up.
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