Your event's host will provide you with a web address ( to visit to complete the RSVP process. Alternatively, the host may have chosen to add their RSVP form to their website ( Your host may have also provided you with a password allowing you to access their RSVP.

For privacy reasons, RSVPify does not provide a searchable database of events and cannot discuss an individual event with anyone but that event's host. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Have the event's URL? It's quick and easy to RSVP on RSVPify! Here's a brief step-by-step:

1. In your web browser's URL bar, enter the RSVPify URL that you were provided by your event's host. It will look like 

Make sure you are not conducting a web search (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).

2. Push Enter / Return on your keyboard.

3. Your event's RSVPify page will load. Follow the on-screen prompts, and fill in the RSVP form. 

Having trouble? Here's some troubleshooting tips...

  • Your host should have provided you with an RSVP URL that looks like Navigate to this URL for direct access to the event's RSVP form. If you don't have such a URL, please contact your even't host directly. For privacy reasons, we can't discuss a specific event with anyone but that event's host.
  • Double-check that you've correctly entered in the provided URL. A small typo can make all the difference!
  • Make sure you are NOT performing a Google search (or other web search) for a URL instead of entering the URL directly into the address bar of your web browser? Please note that Google does not index all RSVPify events, and URLs should be entered into the address bar, and not searched for using Google or another search engine. If entered correctly, you will be directly navigated to the RSVP form, with no search required.

Are you positive you've entered the correct URL for the event in question, but still can't RSVP? Can you access If you can access the main page of RSVPify but not the event, please contact your event's host as you may have the wrong event URL. If you can't access's main page, your IP address may have been blocked by our firewall. Learn more here.

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