We're wholly prepared to help you fend off "RSVP Crashers." We can help in two ways...

  1. Guest list tracking. Only guests that you add to your list will be able to RSVP, and you can give only select guests a +1.

  2. A security code. Your guests will need to enter a code before they're able to access the RSVP form.

  3. A party-specific passcode. Assign each party in your guest list a unique passcode or password allowing invited guests to only see and RSVP for their party. Please note - the ability to assign unique party passcodes is a feature limited to RSVPify's Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscribers.

  4. Exact match Guest List setting. Enable the 'Require exact match name entry' setting in Guest List > Settings.

Topics: security, +1, plus one

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