While TheKnot doesn't allow any 3rd-party code making it impossible to embed RSVPify or any other 3rd-party tools on a TheKnot wedding website, it is possible to link to your RSVPify form in a new tab, making for a seamless experience for your guests.

  1. Disable TheKnot's default RSVP system. In the left navigation, click RSVP and then slide the 'Enable RSVP' toggle to 'Off'. Also uncheck 'Add RSVP to the top navigation bar'.
  2. Add a new page to your wedding website. Name this new page whatever you'd like. Do not name the page just "RSVP" as this will enable TheKnot's RSVP feature. You can use something like "RSVP Here" without trouble. 
  3. On your new RSVP page, create a Section Item. Name this whatever you'd like.
  4. Add a personal message and a use the text editor's link tool to create a link to your RSVPify RSVP form. We'd recommend setting this link to open in a new tab so guests can easily return to your website after they submit their RSVP.

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