At this time, it's not currently possible to import guests invited to a given Secondary Event, but there are two easy-to-use ways to invite select guests to your Secondary Event(s).

Option 1: Using the 'Quick-add' Tool

It's quick and easy to view and manage invitees to a Secondary Event using our 'Quick-add' tool.

1. Open your event.

2. Navigate to the Setup tab.

3. Navigate to the Secondary Events tab using the left navigation.

4. To the right of each Secondary Event configured as 'I will select guests to invite from my guest list', click the Invite Guests button.

Option 2: Using your Guest List

Guests can be invited to a Secondary Event by way of your Guest List tab.

1. Open your event.

2. Navigate to the Guest List tab.

3. To the right of each invited party, you'll see a magnifying glass icon. Click this to open the party's details.

4. To invite a single member of a party, click the calendar icon to the right of the desired guest. If you'd like to invite ALL guests (including +1's) to RSVP to a secondary event, check the desired event in the 'Ask all guests to RSVP to' section of the window.

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