Some users are experiencing a common issue in which two of their guests share the same exact name. This is a bit of an issue given the way RSVPify locates a guest from an event hosts's Guest List is by doing an exact match on the guest's first and last name. As such, when a guest with a duplicate name RSVPs, s/he will see all of the invited parties with his/her name.

When this occurs there are 2 possible outcomes / workarounds:

Outcome 1: at least one of the Parties have been given a +1 (or more) and thus the guest RSVPing can determine which is their Party:

Outcome 2: neither of the guests have a +1.

While not idea, you will have to add a unique identifier for guests you know share the same first and last names (e.g. include the middle names of one or more Parties). Additionally, you will have to be sure to set the 'Require exact match name entry' in Guest List > Guest List Settings to Off.

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