Unsure of how many guests might be in a certain party? Don't have all of the names of potential guests? There's a couple possible solutions that might be a goof fit for your event!

  1. If you're using a Guest List: You can add a party with the name of your primary guest -- and then add a guest for each person that you'd like to allow the primary guest to bring. Make the first name something like 'Guest First Name' and last name 'Guest Last Name'. Then, when the primary guest goes to RSVP, they can choose Accept or Decline for each of the guest's spots. Be sure to set 'Prevent guests from editing pre-set names' to 'Off' (setting in your Guest List tab) so that the primary guest is able to add names of any guests they plan to bring.

  2. If you're not restricting RSVPs to a Guest List: If you opt not to use the Guest List feature and allow your event to be open for any RSVP, you can limit the number of total respondents in a party to 1 in Setup > General Options > Maximum Guests in a Single Party. Then, include a custom question (Setup > Custom Question) asking how many TOTAL guests will be attending.

If you'd like to separate children from adults, you could opt to include two custom questions:

How many total adults in your party will be attending?
How many total children in your party will be attending?

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