RSVPify enables event hosts who are sending invitations via our platform to have their guests by pass the first step of the RSVP process and direct them to the Second Step of the form and automatically pipe in their information. When sending out invitations via our platform, you will have the option to Skip the Welcome screen and send guests directly to Step 2. Be sure that you test the guest experience as there are consequences of choosing this option. 

Provided you don't need your guests to view the Welcome Text on Step 1, this can be a really nice option if you're looking to provide a more streamlined experience. It mitigates risk of a guest misspelling their name(s) or Unique Party Passcode (and thus displaying an error message to the guest), and it automatically pipes in your guest(s) names in step 2 for them! This is also helpful if you do not know the names of the guests in your Parties as you can add placeholders for those guests (e.g. "First Name" & "Last Name" and invite the guests to overwrite those placeholders with their information). 

Here is where you can locate this option when working on your invitations draft: 

  1. Navigate to Invite > Design Email Invitation to create your invite.
  2. Check the box for the option "Skip welcome screen and password; send guests directly to Step 2".
  3. Send yourself a preview of your email invitation before sending out your invitations!

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