A step by step tutorial of the settings to create this simple yet elegant RSVP page! All the changes can be found under Setup > Form Design! 

Page Style
Select the 'Simple Banner' Layout

Accent Color
Select a color that will go well with your event or background choice! We chose a sea-foam green to match the greenery in our background image.

Exact Color #: 94a59a

Welcome Text
Using the 'Special Container' Style, we created a gray box within the welcome text to highlight the primary event information. To add some extra design, we added spaces between each character and increased the size and bolded the names of the couple.
Tip: Use CTRL + ENTER between lines to single space, especially within the special container! 

For this design we 'turned off' the header image, but you could add text or upload an image here! We then uploaded a simple image with greenery, which you can download below! For more background image resources, see here. 

Design Elements
Finally, select the finishing touches. We opted to remove the form box border & shadow. You can see our exact setting choices below.

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