Want to design your website to look just like this one? You're in the right place. Go to Setup > Form Design to get started. All the changes we will be making can be found there. 

Page Style
Select the 'Simple Banner' Layout

Accent Color
We chose black, but feel free to select whatever color works well for your event! 

Welcome Text

Add your image -- We selected a black & white engagement photo

Tip: You can resize your image by clicking and dragging the corners. Make sure to center align them too!

Add some text -- you can type directly into the welcome text box, or opt to design your text outside the platform. Simply save your text as an image file (JPEG or PNG) to then upload it just like your picture! Free graphic design tools such as Canva can be used to create this if you don't have access to a graphic design software.

Header Text or Image
Next step is to upload your header image. We chose a text header that says 'Cheers' with a transparent background. You can download it below. 

Page Background
For our background, we opted for an image with a gold foil texture. You can download the exact image below.

Design Elements
Finally, select the finishing touches. We opted to remove the form box border & shadow. You can see our exact setting choices below.

Save The Date
A matching 'Save The Date' graphic... 

You're Invited
A matching invite graphic... 

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