Sometimes, people just need a little nudge. If you are waiting on RSVPs from your guests, don't be afraid to follow-up by re-sending your invitation, or creating a separate reminder email. Either way, this can be easily done on RSVPify! 

This can be done by duplicating a sent invitation, or by designing a new one and selecting to send the email to 'All Guests Invited by Email Who Haven't Replied". 

If you want to use your previously sent invitation (or add a few updates), here's how: 

  1. Navigate to Invite > Send an Email Invitation 
  2. Find the invitation that you want to copy
  3. Locate the dropdown next to the title (shown below)
  4. Click 'Duplicate'!

Once you have the email you'd like to use to remind guests, you can simply select the option on your guest list to send the email to guests who haven't replied. Make sure to double check this selection before hitting send. You don't want to accidentally email 'all guests on my guest list'!. 

Here is an example! 

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